The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Creative Writer

It takes skill and great deal of flair to have the ability to engage a reader and hold their attention while they go through your content.  It does not matter the subject or the topic you are writing on, a creative writer should be able to spin an interesting tale out of every topic. Being a creative writer is not easy, but it is achievable if you put your mind to it. A creative writer can easily write their thought, emotions or feelings in paper, in such a way that it resonates with the reader. A creative writer can take uninteresting story and spin it into a compelling content.

Every writer has a unique way to express his emotion and writing skills. However there are some general tips which can turn an amateur writer into a creative writer. These tips will help improve your creative writing skills.

Many people look for creative writer jobs online thinking that creative writing is the right job for them because creative writing seems easy enough. Others think that a creative writer software could help them become the best and most creative copywriter. There are so many ideas out there, but what does it really take to make it big in the creative writing industry?

How To Identify A Creative Content?

You don’t need a prophet to tell you that content is written by a creative writer when you see it. You will know when you see it because right from the opening words to the very last sentence, you can’t get your eyes off it. It is like a magnet pulling you towards it, urging you to read more. It intrigues and captures your attention and you are compelled to read more all the while praying that it never ends because it makes you feel good. When you are done reading, you are happy to bookmark and share. That’s how a creative content should be. If you want to know how you can come up with ideas to write such contents, keep on reading.

How to come up with creative writing ideas?

Being a good writer does not make you a creative writer. When you develop your creative writing skills, you can be able to come up with ideas on what to write easily every time you are prompted to write.

Even the most seasoned writers can generate new ideas and get some inspirations when they build their creative writing prompts. These tips below will help you come up with ideas next time you want to write but it seems you are drawing blank. They will help to stimulate your creativity and avoid writer’s block.

  1. Drawing Inspiration from Existing Stories

We all know that good writers are good readers. Nobody expect you to consistently come up with creative ideas from nothing all the time. Reading contents written by other expert writers and watching movies, listening to music, reading magazines, books, newspapers are great ways to come with creative writing ideas.


When you read books or watch TV, you are exercising your mind as well as widening your horizon which will help you to keep abreast of trends in your writing specialty. You will as well see the style other writers are using. Existing content, stories and events can help you to come up with idea for creative writing.

  1. Jot Down Ideas

The most difficult part of any write-up is the first paragraph. This is where you mind usually blank out while you are staring at your computer. It usually gets frustrating and stressful. To avoid this writer’s block, make sure you go about with notebook everywhere you go to jot down your observations and ideas from things you encounter. Some creative writers wake up in middle of sleep to jot down something when they are struck by ideas. Inspiration may strike you at the oddest of times, so having a notebook and a pen or recorder can help you to capture the moment and use it in your writing.

  1. Find Out What Your Best Time For Writing Is

Find out the time that is most suitable for you to write. Some writers believe they write best in the morning, while some prefer to write in the mid-night. Discover what works best for you and write only when you are feeling inspired. Don’t write just for the sake of writing, there is no point writing when you don’t feel like it. Your mind and body must feel relaxed and inspired if you want to come up with great content.

  1. Do Your Research

A great content is usually the one that comes from in-depth research. If you don’t have direct personal experience of something you are writing about make sure you do a good research. With research, you will come up with many ideas and you will be able to command the attention of the reader because you know exactly what you are talking about.

Here are five simple tips that could help you out:

Creative writers are wide readers. 

People who read a lot have better vocabulary, more knowledge, and better grasp of the language. Creative writing does not mean writing something out of nothing, it means being able to put ideas together in a creative way. And of course, ideas have to come from somewhere, right? Read as much as you can and from any source you can find. It takes a lot of reading to be able to write better. You will find that reading will never stop no matter how great you have become in writing.

Impatience it not a virtue.

While there are many creative writer jobs out there, true creative writers do not just grab any job and wing it. Creative writing takes time; it involves conceptualizing, writing and even proofreading. If you are impatient, chances are you would not be good at reading and would submit works haphazardly. In addition, that will make you lose work, lose clients, and lose the respect of others. In other words, impatience in writing will get you nowhere.

Trust what your brain can do.

There are those who will say that it is okay to cut corners and use a creative writer software or a spinning software instead. However, these two methods often yield in unfavorable results, which are obviously automated by using synonyms. Software generated work does not only look ugly, it also sounds ugly to anyone who reads it. It is easy to spot works that are not made well – incoherent thoughts, grammatical errors, and generally confusing statements are characteristics of work that underwent shortcuts. True creative writing cannot be done by machines; it can only come from the writer’s brain. For example, if you want to write a topic related to a conditional waiver of liability, you need to put yourself in the shoes first and figure out what circumstance  of liability you would be facing so you can come up with the right things to waive. For example, if you want to write a Postnuptial Agreement, you need to image that you are married and are having an issue with your better half and see if a postnup can save your marriage and continue the relationship with your husband or wife. Or if you want to know how to write a hold harmless waiver or create an insurance waiver template you need to know what hold harmless is by law and what types of hold harmless are.

Practice makes perfect.

Whether you aim to be a creative writer or creative copywriter, this cliché holds true. You are definitely not going to be the best while you are just starting out so brace yourself for different kinds of criticisms, comments and suggestions. Once you get the hang of reading, writing and proofreading, things will be a lot easier for you.

Mind your ethics and be aware of the no-nos.

Aside from the grammatical rules and other language-based technicalities, it is also important to keep in mind the ethical and moral considerations such as giving proper credit to your sources to avoid plagiarism. To others this may be negligible, but the best in the business never neglect this out of respect for other writers. Speaking of respect, it is also ethical to always submit your work on time, so make sure that you do.

Raise a question and provide a great answer

To increase the interests of the readers, sometimes it’s necessary to raise a question and provide a proper answer. For example, if the potential readers are interested in amended tax return, don’t simply just explain what amended tax return, you may raise a question like “How Long Does It Take to Get Amended Tax Return Back?“. By doing that, the readers are more likely to find the answer from reading your articles. Make sure the answers you provide are correct.

Get a Creative Writing Degree (MFA)

If you want to build a career in writing that can generate constant income, you may consider getting a Creative Writing Degree. There are many benefits attached to getting MFA in Creative Writing, not only you will have a degree to get any job you want but also you will become a better and more creative writer.

When you are doing your creative writing courses, you will be surrounded by circle of writers who will share their ideas with you and expose you to some more experienced writers. You will also have more time to write as most MFA programs are studio programs that focus on writing. The more you write trying to beat deadlines the better writer you will become.

MFA will also help you to become good with literary writing which will help you earn lot of money. If you are interested in writing fictions, getting MFA in Creative Writing is a perfect opportunity for you to develop your skills. Some of these MFA programs are watched by literary agents, so you will have the opportunity to get an agent who will constantly connect you to jobs even before you finish the program.

Find Creative writing jobs

There are many job opportunities for a creative writer. In this age of internet revolution, many people are looking for articles and contents to reach out to people, this means that if creative writing is your passion, you would probably enjoy a career in which you could spend the whole day pursuing your passion while you are making money.

If you want to make big financial break as a creative writer, you will have to give in lots of hardwork, show dedication, drive and whole lot of spirit to achieve what you want.

Jobs you can do as a creative writer include:

  1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the best job available as a creative writer, you don’t have to be tied down the whole day in office. You choose who you want to work for and the time you want to work. It is possible to make as much as $20,000 per month writing for various magazines, websites, product description for sports goods, companies, news, individuals and blogs.

  1. Television Writer

Television is a world made for those with creative writing skills. Once you have the experience, you can go on to create stories that will be shown across the world and can even make you popular. You can work as a freelance or full-time television writer. Your salary per year if you decided to work full time can range from $29,000 to $109,000.

  1. Creative Writing Coach

Creative writing does not only give you an opportunity to make money, for some people, teaching others how to write creatively is avenue to satisfy one’s passion and empower the next generation of writers. You can use your skill to encourage student to bring out their inner creativity.

Other jobs you can do as a creative writer includes;


Being a creative writer is not easy, it demands lots of discipline and dedication, you also have to put in lots of hardwork and show enough passion and zeal. However, there are lots of opportunities to make money as a creative writer and also live a fulfilled life doing what you love.

How Does Independent Contracting Work?

Companies around the world aim to save taxes by cajoling employees to sign the general contractor agreement. It is a common practice because they can get the contractor liability waiver in an easy and hassle free manner. If the users are acting as contractors to accomplish the task, they can have full right over the creating works such as arts or computer programs. In case, the Construction release of liability form suggests that the job you are doing belongs to the company, you might need to rethink about your status.

People who are deployed as contractors might have to pay both social care and medi-care taxes at one go. Employees are required to pay only half of the amount while the other half is managed by the employers. There are instances when the company misrepresents their human resources as contractors. You can circumvent the issues by filling in the misclassified form and submitting it to the relevant authorities.

Contractors Insurance is not paid by the employers but it is the third party that has to manage the expenses. If your work is controlled by the company along with the time duration, you would be designated as an employee. Independent contractors work at the time of their choosing as the do not take orders from the company.

How much is contractors insurance is a question that every freelancer wants to knowIt is vital to check the type of work you are doing. For instance, people providing accounting or interior designing services should opt for insurances in order to meet the liability caused to the clients due to their recommendations and suggestions.

Individuals accomplishing tasks such as plumbing might do well if they subscribe to insurance to save them from physical harm while at work. It is bound to be costlier and may require higher premium as compared to the conventional insurance. Subcontractor insurance requirements suggest that the business entities should opt for insurances against the property damages caused by their workers. Without risk cover, you may end up paying the bills from your personal expenses. It will result in huge loss for the business from long term perspective.

A person receiving training at the premises of the company may not be classified as an Independent contractor. Moreover, he or she would not be using the equipments of the customers. Employees cannot chose assistant on their own as they have to adhere to the instructions from the management. Contractor is free from shackles and can accomplish the task without any problem.